Jokic For MVP

This project is born from a lifelong love of the Denver Nuggets, an appreciation for the greatness of

Nikola Jokic, support for the Colorado Hawks Youth Sports Organization, and an unapologetic request

for you do your duty, more like a demand, and promote Jokic for MVP so I can win my bet. You gotta be

a Joker fan or you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

These T’s are sweet. They will be collector’s items when Jokic Wins MVP. You should buy at least 1. If

there are any profits from this endeavor, they will be contributed to the Colorado Hawks who are celebrating their 25 th anniversary of helping high level athletes attain

college scholarships and to become fine young women and men, while never turning away a young

person due to financial considerations.

Now, as my old friend and professor Al would say, without further adieu…

There are 3 versions of this highest quality, I’m not kidding, grey T with white lettering in sizes

S, M, L, XL, XXL:

 US Version - Joker For MVP on front and map of Serbia on back.

 Degenerate Version - Joker For MVP on front and actual Jokic to win MVP bet slip on back.

 Serbian Version - Џокер за МВП on front and map of Serbia back. My personal favorite.

I am very open to input on how to sell a big bunch of these t-shirts so that I win my bet so that the

Hawks are able to help as many kids as possible! Please send any thoughts to